Wildlife Tours
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Eco Tourism and Nature Based Tourism creates the opportunity to generate incomes for both indigenous people/communities and for others who choose to live in some of the very remote parts of this wonderful world in which we live.

Creating employment and subsequent incomes in many areas, is very restricting and often this only being achieved at a cost to the local eco system. By placing a value on the natural environment there is often, far reaching benefits.

Nearly all mammals in Australia and Papua New Guinea are nocturnal, this also being the case with many of our birds and reptiles.

We at Gondwana Connection have a particular interest in nocturnal species, so are only too pleased to offer NIGHT SPOTTING as part of our tours when ever possible

There are very few places that have ideal seasonal conditions all year and we have designed our tours to coincide with the most favourable time to encounter the target species. These windows also present the best possible weather and local seasonal conditions.


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