Western Australia
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Western Australia stretches from the warm tropical Kimberley, to the cool temperate south coastal areas of Albany and Esperance. This expanse covers a vast range of habitats leading to a situation where there is an extremely varied range of fauna and flora. In addition to this, being spread over such a range of climatic zones, there is always somewhere in Western Australia that is just right for the intrepid traveller.

This great state is known worldwide for its Kalgoorlie Goldfields, Wave Rock, The Pinnacles, Kimberley, Quokkas, Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef and many other incredible natural wonders. With the great distances involved in travelling within Western Australia it is just not possible to see it all. Unless of course you have a couple of months spare. 

Gondwana Connection has put together a selection of tours that not only showcase some of our unique fauna but also present the amazing environment in which they live.

By keeping our road tour group to 4-6 persons we can maximise the chances of all fully experiencing these NATURAL WONDERS. This also allows us to offer a truly personalised service. 

Australia has lost so many species of plants and animals since Europeans have been part of this delicate eco-system. This being a result of factors such as; clearing for agriculture, over-grazing of fragile habitats and the introduction of exotic competitors such as rabbits and foxes. The southwest of Western Australia is the last stronghold for a number of wonderful creatures and plants.

Let us show you the remnant populations of these once widely distributed species and be part of the process of repairing this damage.

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An appreciation and knowledge of the Natural World is a great place to start. 

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