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Gondwana Connection has been developed and is run by husband/wife team, Des and Anita Hume.Description of photo here

We have both spent most of our professional lives working in zoos with Australian and exotic animal species.

Our fascination for all forms of wildlife and the environment led to us expand into this field. This passion for our world is what drives us. Our typical holidays consist of identifying a location and getting out there and seeing what wonders it holds. For us, it is just as enjoyable to visit a billabong in Kununurra as a tropical rainforest in Cairns, mallee country near Norseman or a deserted island in Papua New Guinea, all these hold equal fascination.

It is always a thrill to see a species for the first time. That sensation will never cease. My first sightings of species like Palm Cockatoos, Musky Rat kangaroos, Superb Lyrebirds and such will always stay with me.

Anita and I have shared many first timers together such as Ghost Bats, White-quilled Rock Pigeons, Red-ruffed Lemurs to mention but a few. There are thousands of species out there still to be experienced. COME FIND THEM WITH US.

Description of photo here


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