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This is truly one of the world's bio-diversity hot spots and a destination that dreams are made of.

GONDWANA CONNECTION Wildlife Tours presents this wonderful opportunity to experience the vast array of incredible creatures to be found on this island of many wonders. At the same time we will attempt to show what pressures are being placed on these vulnerable natural resources.

The time of the year selected, takes into consideration the diverse weather conditions of Madagascar and allows for us to travel as widely as possible, given the time available.

Destinations included in our itinerary enable participants to experience the diversity of habitats that remain in this truly unique country.
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Can you picture yourself being part of a small group of like minded people, traveling by boat from Maroantsetra, out over the Antongil Bay to the Masoala National Park in search of the rare Red-ruffed Lemurs and Helmet Vanga. What about standing in the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park listening to the eerie calls of the world largest lemur, the magnificent Indri. Both of these sites represent the rainforest habitats of the east coast.

No visit to Madagascar would be complete without visiting the dry forests of the west coast. Being based in Morondava allows for us to access the Kirindy Special Reserve and the amazing selection of wildlife inhabitants, including Madagascar's apex predator, the infamous Fosa. This species and the extremely rare Vozitse (Madagascar's largest rodent) can be found living around our accommodation within the reserve. The birdlife is also to die for. Included are the Greater Vasa Parrot, Sickle-billed Vanga, Crested Coua, large flocks of Sakalava Weavers and Madagscar Lovebirds. We will also include Belo-Sur-Mer and the near-by Kirindy Mitea National Park in the sites visited.

Before leaving this area, we cannot pass up the opportunity to experience a sunset at the wonderful "Avenue of Baobabs".

Traveling over this vast island requires utilizing planes, boats and off-course, road transport. One site included, allows us to include a road-trip to the north-east of the capital Antananarivo and tour destination, the Ankarafantsika National Park. Amongst our target species for this area is the much threatened Madagascar Fish Eagle and the friendly Coquerel's Sifaka.

The wildlife encountered is as varied as the sites visited. It does not matter if your interests lie in birds, reptiles, mammals, invertebrates or plants, this itinerary will surely please.



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