South West Accommodation
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In the pursuit of this world’s natural delights, we do need somewhere to lay our heads at the end of the day.
Outlined below are a couple of suggested places to put on the kettle and take refuge for the night.

Need a base in the heart of Noisy Scrub-bird country. Then you cannot go past the Cheyne’s Beach Caravan Park.
A number of self-contained units and camp sites are available. All these being within walking distance of the three
very notable local endemics, the Noisy Scrub-bird, Western Whipbird and Western Bristle-bird.
These are just the icing on the cake, as this site has a very respectful tick list.   
Description of photo here

Birding within the South West just is not complete without a day or so in this wonderful remnant of Wandoo Woodlands. 
Dryandra is the home the largest number of the endangered Numbat within Australia. This beautiful diurnal creature is
the mammal emblem for Western Australia.

A number of self-contained ex forestry houses are available. As they are located in the heart of the reserve, there is no
reason why you cannot make the most of the day to work on those tick lists.

Note: A number of beds are available in each house, you can bring your own bedding, that is blankets, sheets and pillows
or hire at an additional cost.



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