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We offer a selection of one day tours, with "Birding Perth's Outer Fringes" being the most
popular option. This will cost $300 for a single person and $80 for each additional participant.

Of the other trips available, our "Bird watching the "Dryandra State Forest" trip ranks second
and will cost $320 for the first Participant and $80 for each additional person.


The following tour dates are previously booked private tours and as a result are fully booked.

8th October 2019
20th October 2019

Tours can be carried out at any time, providing we are not already booked.


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We have developed various tours that range from three to six days and these of course,
can be adapted to suit individual interests.

Custom tours can be put together on request.


The following tour dates are previously booked private tours and as a result are fully booked.

26th - 28th September 2019

Tours can be carried out at any time, providing we are not already booke


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No birding trip to Western Australia would be complete without a few days at least out
exploring the dry habitats that go to making up so much of Western Australia.


Tours can be carried out at any time, providing we are not already booked.


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Each year between the beginning of February and the end of April, there is a congregation
of many of the Southern Oceans super predators in an area known as the Bremer Trench.

During this season, Naturalist Charters carry out cruises to this site, located some 50kms
off shore.

There are also many oceanic birds present.

We organize three day tours that take in this cruise and can work it in with an extended
six day SW tour if so desired.


Within this limited season we intend to offer two tour ex Perth. As the 2019 season is now over,
we will now have to wait until 2020 to experience this incredible occurance.

These cruises can book out fairly quick and tour dates are subject to availability.

Cost based on four clients is $1650 p/p twin share. Single supplement is $150. Maximum tour group size is five persons.

Contact us for further information.


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This proposed trip will run between the 25th October and the 10th November 2019 and offers
the unique opportunity to encounter the wonderful array of endemic bird species from this far
eastern province of Papua New Guinea.

Appart from mainland sites, we will also visit Normanby Island in the D'Entrecasteaux Islands
and the far off islands of the Louisiade Archipelago.

We will endeavour to pick up all of the provinces endemic birds, bar the Oya Tabu White-eye.
The distribution of this species creates some logistical issues for a tour of this length.

This all inclusive tour cost of $5995 ex Cairns, North Queensland is based on five participants.
If we can only rally three participants, then we can still go ahead with the trip, but the cost will
be $6995 p/p.

For further information and booking form, please access via the link below.                                                                                  


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Between the 19th November and the 2nd December, we are offering the opportunity to go in search
of the magnificent Black Sicklebill Bird of Paradise. Not only are we after this wonderful creature, but
there is the chance of picking up 17 species of Birds of Paradise all up on this trip. Off course, this is
only a small sample of the bird species on offer.

The trip will start with four nights in the Raja Ampat in search of Wilson's BOP, Red BOP and Western
Crowned Pigeons. Following this, we then fly over to Manokwari and begin the next leg of this great
little adventure. Working the 1100-1700mt areas of the Arfak Mountains offer a miriad of birding delights.

Should you be interested in participating, please email us at des@gondconnect.com.au and I will forward
further information.

The all up cost ex Perth, Western Australia will be A$6475 p/p twin share. Participants can join tour in
Jakarta and the price will be adjusted accordingly.


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Birding this far western region of New Guinea has so many potential delights on offer.
For those with limited time, it is not really possible to do the remote areas of the
Vogelkop Peninsula, but you can get a taste of what is on offer.

We have developed this 14 day trip to allow for this short, but exciting experience to
be possible. Dates will run from the 22nd July to the 4th August 2019.
The group size is to be kept at a maximum of four participants (Plus myself) and will
set you back Au$3450 p/p twin share, ex Perth, Western Australia.

Should you wish to join group in Dempasar, Bali, then the cost will remain the same.

This tour is going ahead and we are still have three spots available.

Sites covered on this tour include Waigeo Island, Gam Island, Batanta Island and areas on the mainland out from Sorong.

For further details and booking form, please access via the link below. 
 PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS TOUR HAS NOW BEEN SOLD OUT.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
BEWL19 - 2


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If you have never visited this amazing country, do it now. Should you have been fortunate
enough to have done it before, you will be well aware that there is still so much to see.

There are few places that the benifits of nature based tourism can be shown to have such
a huge impact on the future of the natural environment.

We have a tour on offer that will run from the 8th to the 24th  September 2019 and the all
up price ex Perth, Western Australia will be Au$7085 p/p twin share.

I know this is not leaving much time to get organized, but Madagascar is calling.

Two positions are taken and we are now going ahead with this tour, so we have three spots
still available.

                                                                                   This 2019 tour has now closed, but you can always book for the 2020 planned tour.                                


Description of photo hereWhether your interests are birds, reptiles, invertebrates or plants, this little foray to
Papua New Guinea will surely please.

After working our way up from Cairns via Port Moresby, we will land on a little bit of
paradise called New Ireland in the Bismarck Archipelago. This is home of some
great endemic bird species and a nice selection of herps. The most notable being
the Bismarck Ringed Python and the once thought to be extinct Varanus douarrha.
We know that this monitor is far from extinct, as we saw several on our last visit. 
The bulk of our five day stay will be spent at the beatifully located Rubio Plantation Retreat.

The next leg of our trip involves a short flight down to Kimbe on New Britian,
the largest island in the Bismarck Archipelago. This island also has it's fair share of
endemic species and we will do our utmost to pick up as many as possible in the
three days available to us.

The final leg will set us down on the upper reaches of the Fly River in Western Province, a very different part of the world.
Two nights of this time will be spent at the remote Ekame Wildlife Lodge.

This tour will cost $6180 p/p, based on five participants. This covers all expences ex Cairns, North Queensland. Exceptions are Visa,
travel insurance, personal effects and alcoholic drinks.
As always, the cost for this tour can be split into three payments and a AU$2095 deposit will secure your spot on this great little adventure.

Tour will run from the 19th August to the 1st September 2019. Should we not be able to make up the numbers, we can still go ahead
with three participants, but the cost will be $7655 p/p.

Think this is one for you, then email us on des@gondconnect.com.au

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