1 Day Birding Tours
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Limited time available? Maybe visiting Perth on business and just want to sneek out for a day to check out the local birdlife.

We offer a full days birding with morning tea and lunch thrown in. Our "Birding Perth's Outer Fringes" tour will take in 4-5 different habitat types and present a great variety
of local birdlife.

On a standard fine day we will normally get about 60+ species. The most I have achieved on a day tour around Perth is 85 species.
Not too bad an effort.

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Also on offer are a few other day trips that just offer that
something a little bit different.

"Introducing the Kwongan" allows for us to be introduced
to the amazing diversity of the Western Australian heath
The sample presented are to the north of Perth and include
the Nambung National Park, home of the well known "Pinnacles".

"Bird Watching the Dryandra State Forest". This reserve
allows for the avid birder to add some great species to their
tick list.

This is also the main stronghold for the Western Australian
mammal emblem, the extremely beautiful Numbat.

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The "Western Wheat-belt Remnant Woodlands" day trip explores some of the small areas of natural vegetation that are left as a result of the extensive clearing that was undertaken
to establish this states primary grain producing area.
These small patches of dry woodlands, along with the roadside vegetation form very important wildlife corridors.

These tours offer a whole range of different species. Off course these last three options will cost a little more for the day.


Know someone just beginning to explore the great past-time of birding? How about giving them a Birding Day Tour gift voucher.



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